REIT vs Real Estate Developer

A Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

is a type of corporation with a special tax status that is uniquely designed for owning real estate properties. It is managed by a professional management team, with all of the shares held by investors.

A Real Estate Developer

is a business that creates new real estate property. In doing this, the developer is like the producer of a play: just like the producer decides what show to present, buys the rights to play, selects and hires the director, actors, and orchestra, the developer finds and buys the land, selects and hires the architect, engineer, and construction company, arranges finance and sells or rents finished properties. Profit from the investment is realized at the time of sale of the property.

Bottom line

REIT holds property and gains profits while Real Estate Developer builds and sells properties.

About Metain

Metain is the first co-investment platform that is highly profitable, transparent, safe, and powered by blockchain technology, where crypto investors can find shelter for their hibernated assets during the winter.



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