Quarter 2, 2022 — A letter to our distinguished investors

5 min readJul 18, 2022

Dear METAIN distinguished investors,

Thank you for always accompanying and trusting us during the past 6 months. Although the market is chaotic with slumps recently, METAIN is keen to deliver our committed roadmap.

We would like to share with you what we have been driving for and what coming up next across different disciplines’ operations.

Progresses in Marketing

METAIN marketing team has doubled our manpower to push for market opening activities, as a preparation for our big launch in Q3-Q4. Team has successfully establish partnerships with 29 crypto community groups across Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Brazil and EU, including:

· Thailand: Crypto Cup, Thai Whale, DTC Group, NFT Game x Defi TH, Crypto Mint, Cryptoplay, Colony Goat Crypto, Diamond Hands, Defi Station Thailand.

· VietNam: One Block Analytics, Degen, Coin79, Crypto Stories.

· Brazil: Universo NFT’s, Defi Brasil Oficial, Altcoins BRL, Poocoin Brasil, NFTs Games BR, Brasil Cripto Nft, Lançamentos BSC, Divulga Lançamentos, Coin Barketcap brasil, Visao Criptos Oficial, Brasil Tokens, Cripto Bitcoin, Cripto Defi Brasil Lançamentos, Defi Gram Oficial

· Philippines: PH Metaverse, BlockTide.

There are more communities and KOLs coming onboarding, which we will announce very soon together with our coming up big launch event in early September.

Prio to the big launch event, “BullRun99” campaign with the support from all Co-Marketing Campaign with our community partners will be kicked off from July 15th to grow METAIN’s community base. We aim to achieve 99,000 members by the end of September.

Furthermore, as a new investment model, we are attracting lots of inquiries after sharing about METAIN in Proptech Vietnam Submit 2022 — “The Future of Real Estate” forum.

Metain in Proptech Vietnam Submit 2022

Thus, METAIN Private Dinners would be hosted in Vietnam on Aug 5th, and in Thailand on Aug 20th for our VIP investors to share with them more details about the first Vietnam Opportunity Trust (VOT1) as their interest to become the first asset-backed NFT holders on the market, as well as to have opportunities to invest into high quality real estate assets in one of the top APY market like Vietnam.

Last but not least, METAIN VietNam Opportunity Trust 1 (VOT1) Public sales will be open from late September / early October.

Welcoming prestigious Advisors with lots of experience and high reputation in both investment, banking, crypto and blockchain world.

Mr. Eddy Abramo: Eddy Abramo has a solid background in Private Banking and Investment Management. After having joined Societe Generale Group in Monaco, Eddy was dedicated in 1997 as a discretionary portfolio manager for Societe Generale Private Banking in Paris. In 2006, he returned to Societe Generale Private Banking as Global Head of the Hedge Fund Advisors centre of expertise, based between Paris and New-York. This center of expertise was dedicated to the selection of single Hedge Funds Managers and Fund of Hedge funds for Societe Generale Private Banking Group. He was also involved in Alternative Investments as Real Estate and Private Equity. He was appointed as Chief Executive Officer for Societe Generale Private Banking the Middle East and Africa in 2009. Eddy has joined Bank International in Luxembourg in 2014 as Regional Chief Executive Officer for Middle East and Africa and Global Market Manager for the Arab Line, responsible for creating the Dubai based branch and for pursuing the growth strategy of the private bank in the region.

Mr Eddy Abramo

Dr. Nguyen Duy Lan: Nguyen Duy Lan is co-founder of Veramine. He also has worked for many years at Microsoft. He owns 9 international patents in the field of security and is a member of Microsoft’s Cryptography Department, specializing in testing and consulting Microsoft products in the field of cryptography. He also served as Head of Communications at Asiacrypt Conference 2016 — one of the three largest and crypto conferences in the world.

Dr. Nguyen Duy Lan

Mr. Artie Lopez: Artie Lopez is a start-up coach, the Ambassador of Seedstars — Manila, Investment Manager at First Asia Venture Capital, co-founder of Brainsparks, and a Co-Founder and COO of NextPay. He has over 20years of experience in the tech startup industry of Southeast Asia and is a passionate advocate of using technology and innovation to improve people’s lives.

Mr. Artie Lopez

Ms. Myrtle Anne Ramos: Myrtle Anne Ramos is the Founder and CEO of Block Tides, PlaceWar, KOL of CoinMarketCap. She is Top 1 both Crypto Media Asia and Women In Blockchain for CryptoAwards 202, Blockchain Fest Cyprus. She has conducted over 100 successful Fintech and blockchain summits in Asia, Myrtle helped more than 200 blockchain projects for PR, Marketing, Social Media Management, Investor Relations.

Ms. Myrtle Anne Ramos

Early archive our Technical milestones

1. We have finished the Real-Estate Investment Trust smart contract for the NFT. This NFT contract provides functionalities to tokenize real-world properties, sharing dividends and sharing profits to NFT owners. The NFT is ERC1155 compliant and compatible with popular NFT marketplaces.

2. We completed METAIN dApp design and architecture. Purchase of our REIT NFT is as decentralized as it can be while being regulated and legitimated.

3. We integrated with KyberSwap API for swapping tokens. Users can quickly swap any tokens to USDT in order to purchase our REIT NFTs on dApp website.

4. We are in progress on dApp on Testnet. We will open the first testnet version of dApp to the public soon in August.

Finally, METAIN team would like to share a strongly belief that bear time is the golden time for solid projects to ramp up and prepare for the bull in the coming quarters. We believe that METAIN is on the right path to achieve positive results. You would be hearing more about us on the market soon!

About Metain

METAIN (metain.io) is the co-investment platform that brings earning to NFTs and stablecoin holders with compelling interest.

We aim to be the 1st REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) NFT exchange and ecosystem built on Blockchain to provide the most secure experience for investors.

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